Listen To Happiness Speech Therapy Center offers auditory-verbal therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy to children and adults with hearing impairment, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, ADD, Down syndrome, Global Developmental Delay as well as physical therapy to adults who have suffered an injury that requires special attention from a licensed rehabilitation professional.


Listen To Happiness Speech Therapy Center is well known and respected throughout the community for helping individuals of all ages overcome speech, language, social communication, and academic challenges. Parents and caregivers play an important role. We have always guided and involved the parents and caregivers during therapy sessions and after as home activities.


We offer a wide range of speech, language , occupational, physical therapies and academic services. From evaluations and screenings to individual therapy, our goal is to maximize each client's strengths and help overcome his or her challenges with the support of parents and other professionals.


How We Help

Our nationally certified speech-language pathologists are experts in the area of speech, language, and social communication difficulties.  Our occupational therapists are focused on enhancing the self-help skills that prepare our clients for school and daily activities. They use fun and engaging activities that clients surely enjoy. By closely tracking the progress of each client, we can tailor our therapies to each individual’s needs and deliver lasting results.


Why Clients Choose Us

Speech, language, social communication and learning disorders have been our focus since we served our first client back in 2010. As a result, we believe we can deliver an unmatched level of experience and personalized service, supported by the latest technology and research in a comfortable and convenient environment.